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Which SVG Design license do I need?

Trust me, I know understanding the whole licensing thing is a headache and frankly, not very interesting. This quick questionnaire will help you decide which kind of license to opt for when purchasing our digital design assets.

Start here

Do you use designs assets for personal or commercial use? 

Commercial Use

What kind of work are you planning to use the design assets for?

Commercial Use:

How do you create your physical products?

Product Manufacturing:

What kind of digital products do you create?

Digital Products:

Individual License

For crafters or one person gift making companies. Perfect for Cricut or Silhouette users.

Covers personal use, to create items not for sale:

For projects just for fun, or for gifting friends & family

For one time production via third party, in small amounts, for personal use only, not for sale.

AND certain commercial uses:

For use on products created and sold by you only - no bulk manufacturing or third party production. 

For use in graphic design work created by you, on your own behalf, and not for a client

Full Commercial License

For anyone planning to outsource production or pass their design work to others.

Perfect for companies or graphic designers.

Covers commercial use, for bulk or  third party manufacturing:

Use for products manufactured via a third party - meaning somewhere like a print shop or factory.

Use for bulk manufacturing, creating products for wholesale 

AND typical use for graphic designers creating client work.

Some uses are prohibited under any license.


Uploading designs for sale to any Print on Demand platform.

Digital distribution of the files in any way, regardless of profit.

Using the designs in GIFs for, or in Whatsapp stickers

Citing credit on your work in a way that makes it seem like you or someone else created the original design.

I hope this helped clear up which license is right for you. But if these scenarios don't seem to match specifically enough what you'd like to do, feel free to reach out.

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