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Welcome! Nice to meet you, I’m Shana. I often find myself in between worlds - whether it’s English vs. Hebrew, or meshing illustration and design, or the juxtaposition of Jewish/Israeli tradition and modern trends. My work is where it all comes together, through illustration, hand drawn typography, and design, so have a look around!

ברוכים הבאים! נעים מאוד, שמי שנה. אני לרוב מוצאת את עצמי בין עולמות - אם זה אנגלית לעומת עברית, או בחיבור בין איור לעיצוב, או במערכת יחסים בין מסורת יהודית לבין חדשנות. בעבודה שלי אני שואפת לחבר בין הכל, דרך איור, טיפוגרפיה ידנית, ועיצוב. מוזמנים להתרשם!

I work as a freelance illustrator and designer. I made Aliyah at age 12 with my family. After finishing high school in Jerusalem, followed by national service (sherut leumi) at Nefesh B'Nefesh, I earned my degree in Visual Communications at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. 


I’ve been lucky enough to work with clients both in Israel and the US, on projects ranging from illustrating a children’s book about the Israeli SpaceIL spacecraft (translated to multiple languages), to designing wedding invitations, to illustrations for Israeli newspapers and for the Jerusalem municipality, and now I’m branching out to work on my own passion projects - Judaica, children’s prints, and even Hebrew fonts (how’s that for acclimation??).


The transition when making Aliyah was a difficult one, but it’s one that I overcame and to this day, has given me so much. I’m grateful not only for the appreciation for Israel that an Oleh, as an “outsider,” grows to have, but also for the unique perspective it’s given me artistically, to be able to bridge gaps. Being a combination of American and Israeli, Hebrew and English speaker, secularly trained and observant Jew, I’m able to encompass all those points of view, to express myself, and help others similar to me express themselves, and it’s something I love celebrating in my work.



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