Who Knows One Cards | אחד מי יודע - קלפים מאוירים

Who Knows One Cards | אחד מי יודע - קלפים מאוירים

35.00 ₪מחיר

14 laminated cards
4*6 inch

featuring illustrations for  the Passover song Who Knows One

סט 14 גלויות (10*15 סמ) עם למינציה 

עם איורים לשיר ״אחד מי יודע?״

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    For an extra level of Seder night engagement - pass these cards out, and when you finally arrive at "Who Knows One," everyone can take a turn and sing out their number! Pair up two sets and play a matching game (or better yet, send the kids off to play a matching game while you get some Pesach cleaning done!)

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